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EOC 2006 - Padova, Italy    WOC 2005 - Dijon, France    DOG 2004 - Dresden, Germany    EOC 2003 - London, UK

2002 - Greenhouses of the French Senate    2001 - Fiere da Fiori di Pordenone    EOC 2000 - Copenhagen, Denmark  

2000 - Hans Christiansen greenhouse   EOC 1997 - Geneva, Switzerland   1996 - A visit of German orchid lovers   

EOC 1994 - Hanover, Germany    WOC 1993 - Glasgow, UK    1988 - The club's first appearance, Belgium   

1986 - The club's first international congres    Old photos    Orchid growing



EOC 2006 - Padova, Italy

Lenard Andrei and Lenard Denes preparing the stand with paintings.  Sretko Milanovici fitting pictures on the photo stand.  Lenard Andrei,Remy Souche ,Sretko Milanovici. Sretko Milanovici's paintings enjoying apreciation.
The photo stand. Lenard Andrei presenting his lecture  "The evolution of orchids in Romania". Sretko Milanovici's presentation, "The Orchids of  POrtile de Fier Parc National ".  Lenard Andrei, Rik Neyrinck, Iulia Milanovici, Lenard Denes; background: paintings by: Sretko Milanovici.



WOC 2005 - Dijon, France


The stand

 of our club.

  Lenard Andrei, the designer of the stand. A part of the philatelic piece exhibited by the club.  



DOG 2004 - Dresda, Germany

  "Orchirabbi", the trabant painted by Lenard Andrei  



EOC 2003 - Londra, UK

 Lenard Andrei and Inge Borg(Sweden).



2002 - The greenhouses of the French senate

In Jardin de Luxemburg

 Pascal Sauvetre,

   responsable for the orchids.



2001 - Fiere da Fiori di Pordenone

Lenard Andrei, Sretko Milanovici,Remy Souche. Sretko Milanovici's poster. Visit on the way home:Lenard Andrei and prof. (biology) Bozsa Pal from the  university in Novisad.



EOC 2000 - Copenhagen, Denmark

  Lenard Andrei jr.   Norito Hasegawa and Lenard Denes(right). Lenard Andrei jr. and  Vinciane Dumont.



2000 - Hans Christiansen greenhouse, Fredensborg, Denmark

Hans Christiansen, former chief gardener of the royal Danish house . His medals from all over the world.



EOC 1997 - Geneva, Switzerland


The stand with paintings by Toma Condrea.

Rik Neyrinck, Lenard Andrei.

A named "hope" in  Zurich. It was painted by a group of  Swiss ecologists supported by the local authorities.  This group is working for the protection of plants and animals in the Zurich area.



1996 - A visit of German orchid lovers

The visit to Brasov of a German orchid lovers group organized by our club.



EOC 1994 - Hanover, Germany

Lenard Andrei and Rik Neyrinck. Before the presentation. "Iegal" visit to a greenhouse in Belgium after the exhibition.



WOC 1993 - Glasgow, UK

 Sam Flagler (American Orchid Badge Club) and Lenard Andrei.



1988 - The club's first appearance, Belgium

The clubs first appearance at an orchid exhibition in Belgium 1988.



1986 - The club's first international congres

nterorhideea Congres from the socialist Brno (ex Socialist Republic of Cehoslovacia).Chearles Oertle (Switzerland) general secretary of the EOC
Juergen Roeth(Jena Botanical Garden, currently vice-president of the



Old photos

Photo from  1987. Old photo made in Belgium. Old photo.



Orchid growing

Exotic orchids grown in the Lenard's home.

Terrestrial orchids

  growing in garden.

Orchids in hallway.

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