The Pope and the Orchids




How does a Romanian Stamp get into the Philatelic museum of the Vatican?



On the “Good Friday”, an occasional stamp was used at the post office No 1 Brasov. The text it beared was:


“…a drop of the Braves Blood from the Garden of the Mother Mary for John the Great…”


When Pope John Paul II visited our country and stepped on Romanian soil, he said: “Romania is the garden of the Holy Mother Mary!” as an appreciation of the good cohabitation of so many confessions which exist in these lands.


The fight of the Pope for the ideal of peace and friendship among people of different races, nations and confessions, through true friendship feelings, became legendary. The opposition between the way he tried to spread such a world attitude and the communist slogan “Peace and friendship among nations”, with the well-known consequences, has shaken the totalitarian domination.


That’s why, in the minds of many, John Paul II was the picture of the Brave from the tales, who leaves to battle against the dragon having as his only weapons his belief and the blood in his veins.


In the mountains of Romania, a small, intensly red colored orchid with a strong pleasant smell has been growing for many years now. Sadly, this orchid is threatened by extinction today: The Braves Blood (Nigritella Rubra).


On the Good Friday, the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified….


All these thoughts were gathere in the imagery and the text of the ocasional stamp promoted by the Romanian Orchid Club and the Filatelic Association Brasov.


And envelope with an adjacent image accompanies the stamp, without having a filatelic value but being suggestive…


History did not stop there, because the past is being noted and the future shows itself….


On the 4th of November 2005, the Babes-Bolyai University awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to his Holyness, Benedikt the 16th. The event took place a couple of months after the admittance to the Faculty of Psychology of the designer of our stamp: Lenard Denes Istvan.


The Rector of the facutly, Prof. Dr. Nicolae Bocsan gladly facilitated a meeting with the fresh student so that he could offer the Ambassador of the Vatican in Romania, Monsegniore Jean-Claude Perisset, a specimen of the special envelope and a Comemorative Page, from the Filatelic Association Brasov and the Romanian Orchid Club.


During the discussion, the Papal Representative told, that he was a stamp collector, and that he will personally give the creation of the filatelics and the orchidlovers in Romania to the Director of the Vatican Poste. I believe this already happened… and became history….





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