Orchids offer the possibility to relax to other people aswell, not only to those who want to have a special plant standing on their windowsill. Among those other people are the phylatellists. The orchid-theme is growing more and more popular among the ranks of those who collect stamps, postmarks, first editions of envelopes and maximafilia based on this criterium. The list of Stamps based on this theme issued by the Romanian post is relatively short.

        The series issued in 1988 in 2 blocks of 12 Stamps each, shows exotic orchids. Three Stamps show the Ladyslipper (Cypripedium Calceolus) and are to be found in series showing protected plants or nature protection areas in Romania. There is also a Stamp showing the Nigritella Rubra.

        The number of special or occasional Postmarks on which one can find different species of orchids, domestic ones aswell as exotic ones, is much more significant.





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